08 Apr

Raclette Topped Tomatoes

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I received a sample of Raclette cheese from Lootah Premium foods and was wondering what to do with it. I have never tried Raclette before and didn’t really like the bitter after taste!

It took me a few days to decide.



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04 Feb

An Update & Coffee and Dark Chocolate Bites

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Hello Hello!

I won’t go through the whole story of not having time to update my blog or the fact that I didn’t give you any excuses all this time!
I will just say: I had a baby girl!!

Sherina was born on 14/12/14 :)

The pregnancy and everything that comes after that… along with two other kids is more than a handful!

Thankfully… I’m keeping my act together… somewhat.



I barely have time to take proper photos with my camera but if I kept giving myself excuses, I won’t post anything. So today you’re getting a recipe with photos taken by my iphone.


09 Sep

Destressing & Plum and Cinnamon Financiers!

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I set myself free
I swam in the sea
Haven’t done that in years
This made me overcome my fears!


Always having a feeling that sea was sticky and there would be many creatures biting my and stinging my feet or even body made me not want to swim at all.


30 Aug

Raspberry & Apricot Granola

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I usually wake up and have a problem of what would I like to have for breakfast and nearly always in a hurry!
When you’re the only one in the house with a “normal” diet, it makes matters worse.

One doesn’t have breakfast, one only has Nutella Sandwich and Occasionally some roasted Balaleet, and the last one is on a fruit and nut only diet!

So I tend to suffer in the mornings and I can’t wait until I bake myself something because it takes time and the baby in the bump makes me so hungry!

Since I was home this morning waiting for the carpenter to come fix some decor on the wall, I decided why not make some granola which would last me well over a week.

DU1A7134I have recently purchased some dried raspberries (not freeze dried) and wanted to add some into my granola. I chose the other ingredients based on the raspberries!


25 Jun

Our Spring Travels & an Apricot Yoghurt Cake

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I finally decided to give some attention to the blog other than just sit and do nothing.
For two months now i’ve been saying later and now isn’t the right time or I need to fix these recipes…

But today I decided… enough is enough!
If I didn’t post anything it would be Ramadan before I know it and I want to focus on recipes which will work for that.

During Ramadan, I will probably just post recipes and not long blog posts because I wouldn’t have the time at all.

Remember when we were traveling and I said i’ll tell you all about it when we’re back but I never told you anything?

Well today’s the day!


Since we had planned a road trip, I was so worried how would occupy the boys. iPads! That was the worst decision ever (my boys become very aggressive when they use the iPad for long hours. I took them away as soon as we were back).


Our first destination was Barcelona! Oh boy was this city lovely. I fell in love with vibe it has and of course the food!

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