Longing to Travel & an Eton Mess Cake!

Longing to Travel & an Eton Mess Cake!

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

This sums it up! I don’t want to stay on page 1 or even chapter 1!
It has been a long while since we hopped on a plane and took off!

Sometimes the stresses in ones life just brings you to a situation where you wish you could pack your bags and just go… ok… pack your bag, your husbands bag and your children’s bags and then go!
Where to?! Wherever really! well, maybe Paris, London, Spain, Portugal, Seychelles, Mauritius, Turkey, Japan, Hong Kong… I’ll stop here…. or else I would be in trouble!


I even have a list in my head of the people I would love to travel with! (insert rofl emoji here)



We have a saying in Arabic that you only get to know how a person is really when you travel together! This is very true indeed.
Who are your best travel buddies? Where was your best trip and what made it so special?

And oh boy do I have tons of stories from traveling! Lots of memories, scents, perfumes which remind me of places and of course extremely delicious food. (well mostly delicious)


To take you on a little culinary journey to England where the original Eton Mess was created, here’s my Eton Mess Cake!

It was first served at Eton College in England at a cricket game in the 19th century.
Can you smell the freshly mowed grass? People dressed white… beautiful hats and pearls…I see lots of pearls!  (It feels like Downton Abbey)
For those who haven’t watched Downton Abbey, It is HIGHLY recommended.











Everyone loved this cake except my eldest brother who was removing the meringue pieces and eating the rest!

I’ve done a new way of posting my recipes. Let me know if you like this way more than the usual :)



  1. “…you could pack your bags and just go… ok… pack your bag, your husbands bag and your children’s bags and then go!…” This made me laugh. A summer break abroad, some place cooler and lots of good food, sounds very tempting. I hope you get to go soon, inshaAllah.

    My best travel buddy is Masood, naturally because he’s acts as my mahram, friend, ATM, councilor, photographer, etc. And each trip has brought us even closer. During long train rides (our longest was 28 hours), we even fight/bicker/argue a lot but eventually make up because there’s no other choice, lol. Can’t pick a favorite trip; each one is special in its own way.

    Arwa, I love the new way your recipe is posted! As always, your thoughts and anecdotes that comes with each post is fun to read. And your photographs make me want to forget my diet (I’m cutting down on flour and sugar) 😀

    • 28hrs in a train! I’d go nuts!
      I love love love your travel stories!

      I love traveling with Ahmed! The honeymoon was the best! We went on a European road trip lol

      Nadia you don’t need to lose weight at all!

  2. Thank you, Arwa!

    I know, the 28-hour ride was both fun and crazy, but I don’t think we’d ever do it again. It’s too exhausting.

    European road trip! Wow, mashaAllah. That sounds so exciting! I’m sure the memories from that trip is still as fresh in your mind as if it happened just yesterday :)

    Also, you saw me, what three years ago? Now I working to shed 8 kg at least. However, I forget my resolve when I see the yummy goodies you bake. Oh, and I’m planning to make your Emiratized cardamom braid bread this weekend. Let’s see if I have even 2% of your baking skills 😀

  3. I love train rides and would love to spend 28 hours in one!

    That cake looks wonderful!




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